Proportional election maps, without Flash

9th May 2010

Coloured thematic maps are often used to visualise how people vote in an election. A standard geographical view can be misleading because some constituencies are bigger than others. A better visualisation can be achieved using a proportional view, which shows each constituency at the same size.

Proportional election maps for the 2010 UK General Election are available on various UK news websites:

All of these maps use Flash. Leaving the technical/business arguments for/against using Flash aside, one significant consequence of this is that it is not possible to reuse or remix these maps on your own website.

The proportional election map shown on this page does not use Flash, and you are free to use it wherever and however you wish.

The style of this map is based entirely on the BBC’s hexagonal map, because I found that one to be the most aesthetically pleasing (and it reminded me of Blockbusters). The excellent Raphaël javascript library is used to render the map as SVG, making it relatively easy to add interactive features to the map. There are no other library dependencies, but the code does depend on some additional data:

If you use this map on your own website, please make copies of these files instead of hotlinking to the ones above. Thanks.